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Cocoallagen is a delicious drink, blended from Arabica coffee extratcs and high quality cocoa powder. It is enriched with high grade quality of marine collagn, Libisia Pumila (Kasip Fatimah) and Q10. It helps to nourishes your skin to make you look younger and lift the sings of aging, thus reviving its naturally healthy and youthful glow.
Formulated together with CoQ10, its vital role is multi-function including cholesterol lowering  promote healthy digestion and immune system for boy.It is also in oxygen utilization and energy production particularly in heart muscle cells.


• Helps to nourishes your skin to make you look younger
• Helping treat high blood pressure and heart disease
• Enhancing immune system function
• Providing an energy boost for people dealing with fatigue
• Reducing high cholesterol levels in the blood
• Stabilizing the hormone and blood sugar levels of people with diabetes
• Increasing sperm count and motility
• Preventing or treating migraine headaches


• CoEnzymeQ10 (COQ10)
• Arabica Coffee Extract
• Cocoa Powder
• Brown Sugar
• Maltodextrin
• Non-dairy Creamer,
• Marine Collagen,
• Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah)


Tear the Cocoallagen Sachet and mixed with warm water. One day, one sachet is enough.
Boiled water intake is much more encouraged.


We have successfully expanded our business to several countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China and the Philippines. With extensive experience, we are very pleased to cooperate with you to market your business and products together with BOB2e