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REDSLIM claims is a slimming supplement that contains an ingredient called capsaicin
a naturally occurring compound found in chilly peppers ( Capsicums) that gives their heat.
The formula that is burns off as many calories as a 25- minute job.
REDSLIM claims to help you lose weight whilst doing nothing more sitting at your desk,
thanks to its ability to  burn up to 278 caloris-the same amount as in a hamburger,
slice of pizaor two large chocolate chip cookies.


• Control weight loss
• Controlling appetite(less HUNGRY)
• Increase healthy metabolism to burn calories
• Controlling cholesterol
• Reduce the accumulation of fat
• Increased fat burning
• Improve energy consumption with catechin, caffeine, tyrosine
• Preventing oxidation of lipoproteins


• Capsaiciniods
extract from red pepper
• Dextrose
also known as glucose ( energy ), used as a sweetener in certain imitation food
• Citric Acid
source of citrus fruits is used to add a sour taste to food and drinks
• Malic Acid
natural material which is contained in vegetables, fruits
• Blackcurrant
kind of give


Tear the REDSLIM Sachet and continue to enter into mouth and swallowed. One day, one sachet is enough. BEST result before breakfast or during exercise.
Boiled water intake is much more encouraged. Avoid Redslim before bed.


We have successfully expanded our business to several countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China and the Philippines. With extensive experience, we are very pleased to cooperate with you to market your business and products together with BOB2e